This emblematic 1920s building has been home to the Devernois company since it was first founded here in 1927, within a region famed for its textiles industry.

The Devernois fashion house stands for high quality French know-how, epitomised by the rigorous manufacturing standards Devernois has maintained for nearly nine decades. In order to sustain its demanding quality standards and to preserve its rich heritage of skills and knowledge, Devernois continues to fight to keep its know-how within its historical headquarters at Roanne.

The Devernois fashion house greatly prizes the traditional practices that made its name.

Its designers, pattern designers and those working in the knitting and making-up workshops are able to draw on the experience of the generations of experts who went before them. They also strive to hand down their skills and knowledge to the younger generation in order to perpetuate the traditions of premium know-how and ensure the company continues to represent French industrial excellence.

All this is integrated into the production process so as to guarantee that the very best fabrics and trimmings are used to make flawless garments.

It all begins with the designs. The patterns we create balance the use of the latest technology with human skills and knowledge that have been handed down over several generations. The knitted fabrics such as silk twill, Angora jersey and Milano stitch all come primarily from our own knitting workshop, while woven fabrics are sourced from premium Italian workshops, leaders in their own field. Our sophisticated and fashionable fabrics ensure that the garments fall perfectly, are comfortable to wear and able to withstand the tests of time and the rigours of modern women’s busy lives.

The same principles apply to the trimmings and accessories, which are produced by companies also historically established in France and Italy. Constant attention is paid to detail. From silver buckles, mother-of-pearl or Corosso buttons and leather tassels to suede piping, the carefully selected trimmings ensure the beautiful finishes appropriate to the high quality garments that the brand’s reputation is founded on.


Let's push the doors of the creative studio. Under the direction of Séverine Brun, little girl of Claudius Devernois, our stylists analyze the latest trends, think and create our collections combining sobriety and quality. Glamorous and trendy collections with sometimes ethnic, urban, casual, graphic influences ... according to trends.

It is in the hands of the modelers that the sketches of the stylists come to life. They carry out a technical and meticulous work, from the design of the patterns to the cutting of the fabrics. The realized prototype, fittings and tests make it possible to judge the fall and the dress of the garment and to make the last adjustments for an irreproachable cut. The creativity of the Devernois lines is regularly highlighted in the women's press, and carried by TV and political celebrities.


Cradled by the click of the knitting machines, the Devernois knitwear brand has been able to evolve the know-how it has inherited, to be at the forefront of technology and thus always offer quality fashion products.

The company wanted to keep its knitting workshop in house and thus perpetuate this know-how in the French. 35 knitting machines resident in the workshop. At each new season, they are pampered, prepared, programmed and operated by the expert hands of passionate workers. Jersey, Jacquard mesh or side 3-3, point of Rome or Rice Grain, the possibilities are many, almost endless. Just like the range of yarns, mainly imported from Italy for unlimited creativity. True DNA of the DEVERNOIS brand, knitting has a central place in its collections.

Another know-how protected by the brand: the "remeshing" which allows very beautiful finishes of assembly collar and cuffs mesh. The high-end line "Maille de Luxe" fully knit and designed in our workshops Roannais, was born in 2015 to promote and perpetuate this French know-how.

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