The brand

THE PRESS Devernois collections are regularly featured in women's magazines in France and around the world.  Elle, Grazia, L’Express Style, Le Figaro Madame, Jalouse, Gala, Paulette, Femme Actuelle… …all of our featured appearances in the most fashionable magazines. Discover
STORY The Devernois brand’s history is primarily the story of three generations of a family passionately devoted to the company. 1920 It all began in the 1920s when Claudius Devernois took a gamble and set up knitting machines in the Roanne region in... Discover

Expertise This emblematic 1920s building has been home to the Devernois company since it was first founded here in 1927, within a region famed for its textiles industry. The Devernois fashion house stands for high quality French know-how, epitomised by the rigorous manufacturing standards Devernois has... Discover
STORES Devernois has more than 150 retail outlets in France and throughout the world. The brand's strong identity is reflected in the cosy, modern settings of the Devernois boutiques. The materials and colours have been carefully chosen to create a unique neo-industrial atmosphere.  Discover

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