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Women's 7/8 jeans



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Women's 7/8 jeans

Although women's 7/8 pants are defined by a cut that stops above the ankles, they should not be confused with their counterpart, cropped pants! With a much more modern size and materials, the 7/8 pants are a piece that can be elegant or casual while remaining resolutely feminine. It became popular at the end of the 2000s to become an essential wardrobe item. In this guide, we'll explore the versatility of women's 7/8 pants.

You will know everything about its particularities as well as the different existing models. You will get valuable advice on how to choose 7/8 pants for women depending on the occasion and your body type. Indeed, 7/8 pants emphasize the lower body, particularly the ankles and shoes.

It is therefore a piece perfectly suited to all body types except for A-shaped body types, with shoulders smaller than the hips, which should highlight the upper body. On the other hand, it is a garment to be favored for V-shaped shapes, with shoulders wider than the hips, and H-shaped shapes, with shoulders and hips of the same width without a marked waist. We will finish this guide on the best clothes and accessories to match 7/8 pants.

Understanding what 7/8 pants are

Definition of 7/8 pants

The 7/8 pants are distinguished by a shortened length to end just above the ankles. Although it is still defined by an elegant and feminine style, there are no other specific characteristics of 7/8 pants other than its length. We can therefore very well find 7/8 wide or skinny pants, high waisted or low waisted, plain or patterned, to create varied outfits according to our desires.

Special features of the 7/8 pants

The main feature of women's 7/8 pants is their length: they stop just above the ankles. It is therefore located between classic pants and cropped pants. This fashion piece is renowned for being particularly trendy while being comfortable, notably by offering a feeling of lightness. Although these pants are often associated with spring and summer, they can very well be worn in the fall with material and accessories adapted to the season. Women always appreciate the versatility offered by this garment which can be found in different cuts and different colors.

Why choose 7/8 pants?

To be resolutely trendy and feminine while feeling perfectly comfortable, 7/8 pants are the perfect solution. It's hard to make a mistake in taste or feel limited in your clothing choices with these easily adaptable pants. 7/8 pants are also particularly appreciated by women wishing to highlight their ankles and their shoes.

What to Consider When Buying 7/8 Pants


To wear 7/8 pants correctly, it is important to choose the right size for both waist size and length. Obviously, its length will be shorter than classic pants. As a guide, the legs of the 7/8 pants should reach just above the ankles to be the correct length. For the waist size, you can take the same size as for your usual pants. It is essential to choose a good size in which you feel comfortable to obtain the best possible result.


All types of colors are allowed with 7/8 pants for women! You must then choose the color according to your wardrobe and the desired style. Neutral and sober shades like white, black, beige or even navy blue are safe choices that are easy to accommodate.

Pastel colors will soften the whole outfit to stay on trend. Don't hesitate to opt for 7/8 pants in bright colors which will bring a modern and dynamic touch to your look. But don't forget that the most important thing is to always select a color of pants that suits you!


All price ranges exist for 7/8 pants depending on the brands and materials used. It is recommended to opt for quality materials to have pants to benefit from a quality garment that will last over time.

In addition, a quality material will offer a much better modern and elegant look. An organic, natural or high-end material will also have an impact on the price of 7/8 pants. To buy 7/8 pants with good value for money, we advise you to look at the materials used, touch and try the pants to determine if they are of good quality.


Patterns are present in all our wardrobes and the 7/8 pants are no exception. Patterned pants are the must-have piece of the moment. In addition to drawing the eye towards the lower body, the patterns will give character to a set of clothes. Whether light or imposing, the patterns will be that little aesthetic touch that will enhance an entire outfit. With a floral, checkered, striped, houndstooth or even animal print, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding your ideal patterned 7/8 pants.

Waist Height and Fit

The choice of height and cut of the 7/8 pants will have a great importance on the final result. The high waist is very common on 7/8 pants because it reinforces the cropped cut of the pants by giving the impression of longer legs and a slimmer silhouette.

The regular rise and low rise are best suited to those who want a more relaxed look. The straight cut is the safe bet that will suit all body types. The fitted cut and the flared cut will, for their part, highlight the lower body even more by enhancing the shape of the legs or providing more volume.

How to wear and match 7/8 pants?

As shoes are in the spotlight with women's 7/8 pants, it is better to take the time to choose them carefully. They will become one of the centerpieces of your outfit! Heels are very popular with 7/8 pants to enhance the slenderness of the legs.

But elegant sneakers will also work very well in creating a more casual chic ensemble. Be careful not to wear shoes that start just below the ankle or at the same level as the cut of your pants. Indeed, the wrong shoe height could break this shortened effect which gives all of its character to 7/8 pants.

You can have fun with different types of tops to create varied but always trendy looks. Fitted tops as well as flowing tops will harmonize wonderfully with cropped pants. If you have opted for high-waisted pants, it is strongly recommended to match them with a top that can be tucked into them. This way, you don't create a break at the waist.

This will also reinforce the superb slender effect on the legs that the 7/8 pants offer. The fitted jacket is a perfect ally for 7/8 pants by highlighting the waist. It’s the chic and structured touch that always pleases!

Accessories such as jewelry and the handbag will also be of primary importance in creating a beautiful, sophisticated ensemble. A pretty, elegant belt will further emphasize the waist. We will avoid large jewelry which could add too much volume in favor of fine jewelry which will maintain an elegant, slender appearance. Always remember to harmonize the colors between your different clothes and accessories to avoid bad taste. With all these tips, you can now wear 7/8 pants for women to be more elegant and more modern than ever!

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