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Women's velvet pants


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Women's velvet pants

Elegant and comfortable, women's velvet pants can be worn for any occasion. A strong piece of the women's wardrobe, it enhances your silhouette and brings a touch of sophistication to an outfit. This timeless and durable garment comes in various cuts and colors so everyone can find the style that suits them.

The history of velvet pants for women

The history of velvet pants goes back well beyond the 1970s, contrary to popular belief. From luxurious fabric reserved for the nobility to the making of workers' outfits, discover how velvet became one of the most popular materials in the world of women's fashion.

The origins of velvet

Originally from the Kashmir region in the East , velvet takes its name from the Latin villosus meaning "hairy". This sumptuous fabric made from silk spread across Europe from the 14th century. Intended mainly for the nobility, velvet became popular at the beginning of the 19th century . Woven then from cotton or wool, more affordable materials in terms of price, this fabric dressed workers during the industrial revolution.

The emergence of velvet pants in women's wardrobes

Exclusively reserved for men in the past, velvet pants now have a special place in the women's wardrobe . Comfort, warmth, resistance, velvet has many advantages. This iconic garment reached its peak in the 1970s during the women's liberation movement.

Whether vintage, classic, modern or casual, women's velvet pants never lose their refinement. This timeless product, available in a multitude of cuts and colors, allows every woman to be comfortable in all circumstances while asserting her personality.

The different models of velvet pants for women

Resolutely classic or a bit vintage, velvet pants are an essential piece of women's fashion . Each model in our collection, available from size 36 to size 52, is designed and crafted to highlight the woman with subtlety and elegance.

Corduroy pants

Our corduroy pants add volume to slender silhouettes. With their warm and thick texture , these clothes are the strong pieces of the fall winter collection for women. More generous silhouettes will prefer our milleraies velvet pants, finer ribbed, to delicately emphasize their line.

Classic velvet pants

Our classic velvet pants are a must-have for women's wardrobe. Whether straight, slim or flare, these clothes skillfully combine comfort and elegance. The short velvet offers deep and luminous color nuances . Don't hesitate to mix them with strong pieces, jackets, shirts, knitwear, for a current and sophisticated style.

Velvet sweatpants

Our tracksuit-style velvet pants bring modernity to your outfits . They can be worn with a sweater or a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers for a casual look. Dare to wear joggers with a shirt, jacket and high-heeled pumps for an evening or a special occasion.

Other types of velvet pants for women

Over the seasons and collections, other types of velvet pants compete for the forefront of the fashion scene. For example, you will find flowing velvet pants that slim the silhouette. Velvet also adorns mom cut or slouchy pants or culottes. Every woman can find what she is looking for among the many models available.

How to choose your women's velvet pants?

Velvet pants are a timeless classic . To obtain full satisfaction from your garment, you must choose the right model. To help you, follow our guide.

The size and cut of women's velvet pants

For your comfort, choosing the right size pants is essential. On each product sheet, you will find our recommendations to help you best during your purchases. If in doubt, consult our size guide table for our pants or skirts.

36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
Waist circumference (cm) 68 72 76 80 84 88 92 98 104
Hip circumference (cm) 92 96 100 104 108 112 116 122 128

A flare model is ideal if you have developed hips. The flared bottom leg balances your silhouette. If you are slender or have a shallow waist, opt for a slim cut that elegantly shapes the leg. Timeless, straight velvet pants are suitable for all body shapes, small or large.

Choosing the color of women's velvet pants

At Devernois, women's velvet pants are available in various timeless colors . For a style that is both chic and glamorous, opt for colors such as black or navy blue. Brown velvet flare pants mark the big comeback of 70s fashion.

Khaki green, timeless, goes with a large number of colors for a casual or elegant style depending on your desires. Assert your personality or your humor by combining these classic colors with more daring colors like pink, purple or orange.

A model of women's velvet pants for every occasion

Women's velvet pants can be dressed up or down as you wish. Our collection includes models that can be worn on many occasions:

  • straight pants or velor sweatpants for a casual everyday look ;
  • corduroy pants to look elegant at the office ;
  • velvet flare pants for an assertive vintage or bohemian style;
  • slim velvet pants for a chic and glamorous evening outfit .

How to maintain your women's velvet pants?

To enjoy your velvet pants for many years, you must take good care of them. Whether cotton, wool or silk, this fragile fabric requires special care. Check the information on the clothing label in advance.

Our washing tips for your velvet clothes

Professional dry cleaning is highly recommended for cleaning your pants and other velvet clothing. However, hand washing in cold, soapy water is possible, avoiding rubbing the fabric too much. The majority of our models are also machine washable at 30° on a delicate program.

We advise you to clean your items separately on the reverse side, without adding fabric softener or bleach. Using the dryer risks damaging your velvet pants. Prefer drying in the open air . To preserve the colors of your clothes for a long time, avoid direct exposure to the sun's rays.

Ironing short velvet, ribbed or milleraies pants

Velvet is a textile that marks easily. Always iron your women's velvet pants inside out, without applying strong pressure so as not to crush the fibers. Is your clothing slightly wrinkled? Use the steam function on your iron and gently brush your pants. Steam gently removes wrinkles.

Storing your velvet pants every day

The best option for storing your velvet pants is to hang them. Place them on the pants rack in your dressing room or closet. Don't have a pants rack? There are hangers specially designed for this type of clothing. They have a lightly padded bar so as not to mark the fabric. Clip hangers are also widely used. If your storage space is limited, you can fold your velvet pants, being careful not to compress them too much as you risk creating fold marks.

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