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Trousers guide: which trousers to choose?



The cut :

A decidedly vintage cut, fitted from the top of the thigh to the knee then flared on the rest of the leg, from the knees.

We wear it with:

We preferably choose it with a high waist (or medium) and we like to wear it with a flowing top worn tucked inside, like our COLOMBE blouse, in order to balance the silhouette.

The flare pants should cover all or most of your shoes and almost touch the ground. It is best worn with a heeled shoe to add height to your figure.

For which body type?

Flare pants are the ideal cut for all body shapes, especially for curvy figures ! It lengthens the silhouette, provided it is worn with a pair of heels, especially if you are shorter. Do you have rather luscious thighs and buttocks? You have found the perfect jeans! Its fitted cut at the top of the leg will give a push-up effect at the back , and will subtly hug your leg, while lengthening it from the knee.


The right

The cup :

The straight cut, or regular cut, offers, as its name suggests, a straight cut from the waist to the ankles, without flaring. This is the most classic cut of pants, timeless in your summer and winter wardrobe.

We wear it with:

Classic and relaxed, the regular cut adapts to all occasions and all clothing styles. It is found in different materials, such as stretch cotton, viscose or crepe. It can be worn with everything, from the tightest to the most flowing tops, from the shortest to the longest.

For which body type?

It is ideal for women with a shallow waist, who will prefer a mid-high waist.

Our advice : opt for an elasticated waist at the back, like on our ionic PICO pants, in order to benefit from a perfect fit and comfort when worn.


The Palazzo

The cup :

Palazzo pants are the big trend that we can no longer do without when spring arrives! Easy to wear, it is comfortable, versatile and can be worn day or night. Made from light and fluid materials such as crepe or twill Belted at the waist with or without a drawstring, its wide leg ensures flawless comfort.

We wear it with:

This wardrobe basic can be worn for all occasions, depending on the pieces you pair with it and the shoes you wear it with. We love the combo of a flowing blouse , colorful pallazo pants and heeled sandals for a ceremony, while we love the combination of a light linen t-shirt and flat sandals in the height of summer.

For which body type?

It is suitable for all body types, but A-shaped body types, with hips wider than the upper body, can also try it without fear, as long as they wear it with a flowing blouse. This style of pants is a curvy woman's best friend.


The Jogger

1 - The Cup

Pants with a relaxed fit, wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, sometimes tighter at the ankles. The perfect mix between jogging and chino pants.

The joggers have an elasticated waist, a straight, slightly carrot cut. We prefer it 7/8th to lengthen the leg and reveal the ankles.

2 - We wear it with:

Joggers have become a must-have in the modern wardrobe. Made in fluid materials such as crepe, we also dare to twist it with versions in imitation leather, for a more rock side.

At Devernois, we love to combine it with more “chic” tops, like our washed silk blouses , to break up its overly sportswear side.

3 - For which morphology?

Do you have aligned shoulders and hips and a defined waist? Joggers are made for you! It fleshes out the silhouette and rounds the curves without marking the silhouette too much.

Our advice : choose it with a high (or mid-rise) waist to avoid it falling too much on your hips and giving you a too casual look.


The Wide Leg

The cup :

Halfway between the baggy cut and the flare cut, wide leg jeans are characterized by a wide and relaxed shape. It is wide from the top of the thigh to the bottom of the leg.

We wear it with:

It is perfect worn with a pair of heeled boots, but we also like to wear it with a pair of sneakers, for a causal and urban look. We prefer to wear fitted tops, in order to highlight your waist and not widen the silhouette.

Our advice : mark your waist with a pretty belt to finish the look and distinguish between the upper part of the silhouette and the lower part.

For which body type?

Once again, the perfect pants for all body shapes, as long as you wear suitable shoes. To avoid the risk of "scrubbing" the silhouette of the smallest among us, we always recommend wearing a heeled shoe, which will lengthen the leg.

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