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Women's flared jeans



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Women's flared jeans

A key piece of the 70s, it's making a comeback: flare jeans . A revisited model of the iconic “bell-bottoms”, flare jeans are more trendy than ever. Its resolutely vintage style appeals to all women looking for comfort and elegance. Timeless, this model of denim jeans with a flared cut allows you to create chic or casual outfits, according to your desires.

What are flared jeans for women?

Flare jeans are inspired by the bell bottom pants or "bell-bottoms" well known in the 1970s. With their fitted cut from the hips to the knees, then flared to the ankles , these denim pants lengthen the legs and flatter all the silhouettes.

Be careful not to confuse flare jeans with bootcut jeans . The main difference lies in the flare of the legs. The bootcut model is a more subtle version than the flare. This type of pants flares slightly at the bottom, unlike the flare which completely covers the shoes. Be careful not to confuse it with "wide leg" jeans, wide and flared over the entire length.

The different types of flare jeans for women

You find many models of flare jeans with either a high waist or a standard waist. The low waist has become less common in recent years. Another point that differentiates flare jeans: the width of the legs . It's up to you to choose the cut, according to your tastes and your body shape. Among the most popular flare jeans , you find:

  • black or raw high-waisted flare jeans;
  • high-waisted flare pants with visible buttons;
  • standard size flare denim pants with visible buttons;
  • standard waist flare jeans with a “dirty” faded effect.

Devernois flare jeans reflect unique French know-how that combines style and comfort. Each model in our collection subtly hugs your curves and offers you great freedom of movement.

How to wear flare jeans to be trendy?

According to stylists, flare jeans are suitable for most body types. They particularly recommend it to women with a V or figure 8 figure, as long as you choose the cut carefully. Pair high-waisted dark flare jeans, black or raw, with a pretty flowing cream blouse or a knit top for a chic look with a vintage touch. Don't forget heeled shoes to feminize the outfit and lengthen your silhouette even more.

If you are on the smaller side, avoid flared jeans that are too long, which can make your figure look tighter. Opt for a “kick flare” model, with a shorter length than normal. You can also try “cropped” or 7/8 flare jeans. Ankle length is very trendy. Create a casual and modern outfit with high-waisted 7/8 cotton jeans, a sweatshirt and a pair of leather sneakers .

Our tips for caring for your flare jeans

Like all clothing, flare jeans require special attention if you want to keep them as beautiful as the first day. So you need to learn how to properly maintain them. Here are the six steps to follow.

  1. Turn your jeans inside out before washing them in the machine at 30°C (or by hand).
  2. Choose a gentle detergent that preserves colors.
  3. Limit how often you wash your jeans.
  4. Avoid putting your flare jeans in the dryer.
  5. Do not iron your denim flared pants .
  6. Store your flare jeans on a specific pants rack or hangers.

You now know how to enjoy your flare jeans for a long time , and all your other jeans at the same time. All you have to do is find your model among our collection of women's jeans.

Complete your outfit by browsing our selection of knitwear . Our merino wool or cashmere sweaters go perfectly with high-waisted raw or black flare jeans. We also have a wide variety of dresses and skirts . Complete your look with a down jacket from our collection of jackets and coats .

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