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Milano knit pants



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Iridescent milano knit pants YALUX/85202/931
Made in France
Viscose knitted pants YESTERDAY/87139/317
Viscose knitted pants YESTERDAY/87139/317
Made in France
Viscose jersey knit pants YOU/85226/302
Viscose jersey knit pants YOU/85226/302
Made in France
Viscose knitted pants YESTERDAY/87139/003
Viscose knitted pants YESTERDAY/87139/003
Made in France

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Milano knit pants

Increasingly popular in the fashion market, Milano knit pants for women have become an essential piece in a wardrobe. Its stretchy and comfortable material adapts to the majority of body shapes. Available in a wide variety of styles, cuts and colors, this elegant and practical garment can be worn for many occasions.

The characteristics of Milano knitted pants for women

Knitted pants are attracting more and more women looking for comfortable and sophisticated clothing . The Milano pants are no exception to the rule. Our range includes quality pieces in various cuts and colors to suit most body types.

The composition of Milano knitted pants for women

Milano knit is a textile made from tight knitting. It is mainly composed of wool, viscose, polyester and/or polyamide. Combined with elastane, this soft and stretchy material offers you exceptional comfort while maintaining a beautiful fit. Featuring a flat elastic waistband, the Milano knit pants do not compress your waist (flat stomach effect). This product subtly flatters your figure.

The diversity of styles and models of Milano knit pants

A key piece of the fall winter wardrobe, the Milano knitted pants for women are available in different models and colors, from the most classic to the most modern. Find the timeless Milano straight knit pants with permanent pleats. This chic and refined model lengthens the silhouette. The fluid Milano pants , with a high and elastic waist, highlight all body shapes. The Milano knitted pants are also available in a 7/8 cut for a very trendy casual chic look.

Why choose Milano knit pants?

The Milano knit pants for women are a must have in your fall winter wardrobe. Comfortable and timeless , this piece can be worn on many occasions, formal or informal.

The comfort and practicality of Milano pants for women

The Milano knit pants for women perfectly combine comfort and practicality. Its soft and stretchy material gives you unparalleled comfort. This type of pants has no buttons or zippers .

The Milano pants are as comfortable to wear as leggings. Its flat elastic waistband does not compress the waist in any way and gives you a slight flat stomach effect.

The adaptability and versatility of Milano knit pants

The straight or wide Milano pants can be worn at work or for a special occasion . Classic style with a pair of flat shoes and a sweater, it becomes chic and glamorous with pumps and a satin shirt.

For an evening or a big event , dare to wear iridescent Milano knit pants with a pair of high-heeled shoes and a blouse. Its fluid cut and elasticated belt highlight your silhouette with elegance and subtlety.

How to choose the right Milano knit pants for women?

The Milano knit pants for women are the favorite piece for your chic, city or casual outfits. Many cut and color options are available. It's up to you to choose the model that best suits your body type and the occasion.

Choosing the size of your Milano pants

To ensure you choose the right size of clothing, pants or other items, you must take into account your measurements and your stature . If you don't know them exactly, simply measure your chest circumference, your waist circumference and your pelvis circumference. To do this, use a tape measure. Our range of Milano knit pants is available in many sizes, from 36 to 52. If in doubt, refer to our size guide and matching .

A cut of Milano pants adapted to your figure

There is a Milano knit pants cut for every woman's body shape. Made of a stretchy material and a flat elastic waistband, this type of clothing is suitable for a large number of silhouettes . Devoid of pockets, this product flatters your curves without frills. Are you tall? Show off your legs with 7/8 cut pants or straight, high-waisted pants.

The color of your Milano knit pants

There is no specific color code for day or evening wear. It all depends on your desires or the constraints linked to your job. For work, we recommend plain black or navy blue Milano knit pants . These sober and elegant colors go well with the majority of clothes and shoes that make up your wardrobe.

In the evening, opt for the originality of gold iridescent Milano knit pants , accessorized with a pair of high-heeled shoes and a chic jacket. To stay in a classic and sophisticated look, opt for black straight pants combined with a shirt or cashmere sweater.

How to care for your Milano knit pants for women?

Milano knit is a soft and delicate material that requires special care . To help you maintain the quality of your pants for a long time, here is some useful information.

Washing recommendations for Milano knit pants

There are different options for cleaning your Milano pants. We advise you to wash it by hand >. Be sure to use cold or lukewarm water (30°C maximum) and a mild liquid detergent. The use of bleach or tumble dryer is strictly prohibited. Let your pants air dry, lying flat. Avoid wringing the garment as you risk deforming it.

If you do not want to wash your Milano women's knit pants by hand, you can opt for professional dry cleaning . It is also possible to choose the cold wool program for your laundry if it has one.

Storage tips for your Milano knit pants

Once your Milano women's knit pants have been cleaned, store them flat in your wardrobe. Hanging it on a hanger could risk deforming the garment. However, if using a hanger is unavoidable, choose a model with clips specifically designed not to damage the pants.

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