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Flowy printed pants



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Flowy printed pants

Flowing pants have traveled the world through centuries of history to become popular in Europe at the start of the 20th century. Today, this garment is back in fashion with modernized cuts to obtain beautiful chic and casual outfits. Flowy printed pants are definitely the trendy piece of women's wardrobes.

Popular styles and cuts

Several styles of flowing printed pants exist to suit the tastes and body shape of each woman. We find in particular the palazzo pants, the elegant piece which can be worn equally well for going out on the town, going to work or for a wedding. With their high waist and wide, straight cut, palazzo pants go easily with heeled shoes and a little flowing jacket. For a more casual look, harem pants are timeless. In solid color or with discreet patterns, its rounded shape is part of the cuts the most popular. As for wide-leg pants, they have made their place in wardrobes thanks to their refinement, modernity and comfort. Still high-waisted but with an extra-wide cut, these flowing pants bring beautiful movement in the gait comparable to a long flowing dress.

Choosing the right flowing printed pants according to your body shape

Apple-shaped morphology

Women with an apple-shaped body shape, also called a V-shaped body shape, are recognizable by their broader shoulders and slimmer hips. It is recommended to opt for clothing that will highlight the lower body. The flowing high-waisted printed pants will be perfect for drawing attention to the legs. For an even more aesthetic and modern look, don't hesitate to wear bright colors! The colorful high-waisted pants will lengthen the silhouette to obtain a very elegant result.

Hourglass-shaped body shape

Hourglass body shapes, also called X body shapes, have shoulders and hips of the same width with a more or less pronounced waist. It is a harmonious body shape offering many possibilities for clothing styles. For these women, all types of printed fluid pants will be suitable. From dark to bright colors, plain or printed pants, straight or very wide cut, all looks are allowed. Wide pants will reinforce the chic of an outfit while providing more shape thanks to their fluid material. To highlight the size of an X-shaped body, we recommend opting for flowing, high-waisted pants.

Pear-shaped morphology

If you have a pear-shaped body shape, that is to say an A-shaped body shape with hips wider than your shoulders, you will need to select an outfit that highlights your upper body. It is therefore not recommended to opt for pants with wide legs which would add volume to the lower body. On the other hand, Flowing, straight-cut pants will fit perfectly with an A-line body shape without adding any additional volume. Conversely, the straight cut will not mark the shape of the legs either. In terms of style, we prefer sober and neutral colors such as white, black, beige, navy blue, khaki or even brown. To accompany the flowing pants, you will need to choose a voluminous or colorful top that will focus the eye on the upper body.

How to wear and style flowy printed pants

The advantage of flowing printed pants is that they can be worn in different ways to obtain varied styles according to our moods of the moment. To wear flowing pants correctly, you must first ask yourself what type of outfit you want to wear: elegant, casual, modern, colorful, there is no shortage of choices! You will therefore need to opt for flowing pants that will adapt to your outfit depending on their cut, colors and patterns.

Then, you have to move on to the shoe stage. Here again, the flowing printed pants allow you to play with several shoes, easily switching from pumps to sneakers. Heeled shoes add a nice elegant touch that slims the silhouette. Wedge shoes are also effective for creating a beautiful bohemian chic outfit that is currently very trendy. Ankle boots are the modern, versatile choice that will fit every time.

Finally, sneakers or sandals are also wise options when you want an outfit casual and comfortable while remaining well put together.

After choosing the flowing printed pants and shoes, it's time to select the right top that will create a perfectly harmonious ensemble. Whether it's a t-shirt, a shirt, a jacket or even a crop top, the fitted top will be a safe bet to accompany flowing pants by refining the silhouette. The fitted top can create a casual or refined ensemble depending on its style, its colors and the rest of the outfit. With high-waisted flowing pants, it is entirely possible to tuck the t-shirt or shirt into the pants to emphasize the waist.

It is always essential to harmonize the colors throughout the outfit. The goal is not to overload the ensemble with imposing patterns accompanied by several bright colors and large accessories. It is possible to stick with an entirely sober outfit, without bright colors, with a small print. patterns and light jewelry. But if you want to add character to an outfit, opt for just one bright color. Wearing earrings, bracelets, a necklace and a belt is a great idea to complete an outfit. Choose them discreetly if your flowing pants have big prints. If the designs are small, you can then afford larger jewelry. To wear flowing printed pants well, you must:

  • Define the desired style and choose the pants;
  • Find the right shoes;
  • Go for a fitted top;
  • Perfect the outfit with accessories;
  • Harmonize the whole without overloading it.
  • Styling tips for different occasions

    The same flowing printed pants can be reused for different occasions. Together we will see how to create several styles for different times of the day. For everyday life, we will prioritize comfort with a nice pair of sneakers and a white t-shirt. Thus, we will be able to afford all types of colors and patterns on the wide pants which will then fit perfectly and easily.

    To reinforce the casual and modern look, the denim jacket will be an ideal piece to accompany the entire outfit. The bohemian chic style is also very effective for everyday life by adding a feminine note to a comfortable ensemble. Pretty sandals or wedge shoes will be great allies to enhance the clothes. It is essential to start with white or pastel colors to obtain a soft and delicate result. The floral pattern is inseparable from the bohemian style. We can therefore find it on wide pants or on a small blouse, but not on both at the same time, unless it is exactly the same pattern.

    The flowing pants printed in the office must be more sober with discreet patterns and more classic colors. With a straight cut, a fitted jacket and heeled shoes that slim the silhouette, wide-leg pants are a formidable ally in offering an outfit that inspires professionalism with class and finesse.

    For a festive evening, all the craziness is allowed! Yellow, pink, green or blue, the bright colors will attract everyone's attention. For a special occasion, it will be necessary to opt for a more sober and sophisticated outfit. The choice of a quality material such as satin or silk will play an important role in the final appearance of the outfit.

    Other clothing and accessories must also remain in an elegant range defined by taste detail.

    Maintain and preserve your flowing printed pants

    Maintaining a garment properly is essential to keep it in optimal condition for as long as possible. For flowing printed pants, you should first read the care instructions. Indeed, not all wide pants are made of the same materials, so they are maintained differently. If the printed pants can be machine washed, it is very important to turn them inside out before putting them in the wash to preserve the patterns.

    It is also recommended not to iron directly on the printed pattern so as not to damage it. If a stain or hole appears, you must react quickly so that the stain does not become encrusted or the hole enlarges. To properly maintain your flowing printed pants, you should therefore:

    • Read the garment-specific care instructions;
    • Wash it at low temperature by turning the pants inside out;
    • Let it air dry;
    • Do not iron it directly on the print;
    • Clean or repair it as quickly as possible whenever necessary.

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