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Women's striped pants



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Striped pants PLURIEL/86046/670

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Women's striped pants

Initially a symbol of marginality, stripes have carved out their place in fashion history to become an essential motif in wardrobes. Women in particular have been able to appropriate this masculine motif to emancipate themselves over the years. Today, stripes are everywhere, on shirts, accessories and of course, pants. Striped pants for women are a piece that has been able to reinvent itself and modernize itself to become a piece of clothing at the cutting edge of fashion.

Striped pants for women can be worn alone or accompanied by a striped jacket for a harmonious ensemble. Stripes easily highlight the professionalism of a woman like a true working girl. But today's stripes are also used to create modern and original outfits. Whether you prefer classic and sober style or casual chic and colorful, striped pants for women have everything to please!

The fascinating history of striped pants: Origin and evolution

The first striped pants

Did you know that stripes haven't always been popular throughout their history? The first striped clothes appeared during the Middle Ages and were not associated with beautiful clothing, quite the contrary. At that time, stripes made it possible to define marginalized people in society such as musicians, jesters or even convicts.

With horizontal, colorful stripes, it was easy to recognize them in a crowd. During the Renaissance, the stripes were more sober and became vertical. They are no longer only intended for the marginalized but they remain a motif dedicated to servants and anyone from the lowest social classes.

It was in the 19th century that striped pants became normalized among the entire population and entered fashion history.

The progression of striped pants in the 60s and 70s

If stripes no longer serve the purpose of identifying those on the margins of society, its history still marks its future in the world of fashion. Indeed, stripes, a symbol of freedom and affirmation, remain the key allies of people wishing to stand out and put themselves forward. After first being adopted by gangsters, the military and businessmen, it was in the 60s and 70s that the advent of stripes, particularly striped pants for women, really began. During the sixties, patterns and colors were all the rage and stripes were no exception.

Spirits are rebelling and women are wearing striped men's suits to go to work when others are wearing boldly colored striped pants for women. Today, these geometric lines continue to highlight women with originality but above all, with a lot of femininity.

The Most Popular Types of Striped Pants in 2023

Of course, the main feature of women's striped pants is their pattern. On pants, the vertical stripe remains the most common, bringing a slender effect to the silhouette. Horizontal stripes are less common because they tend to make the legs look wider.

However, it's a bold choice that adds more character to an outfit. Then, striped pants for women no longer have any particular rules to follow! The stripes can be fine or very wide, colorful, sober, plain...

We will also find several cuts of pants: wide, slim, high waist, low waist, 7/8, straight. Thus, it is entirely possible to have different styles of striped pants depending on the occasion and our desires of the moment. But no matter what type of striped pants you choose, opting for striped is the guarantee of wearing a daring and resolutely trendy outfit.

Types of fabrics

A wide variety of fabrics exist for making women's striped pants. We will then be able to choose the right fabric according to seasonality, but also in relation to the style we wish to wear. We will find for example:

  • Cotton and linen which are quality breathable materials ideal for the summer season.
  • Wool will be the preferred choice for warm and elegant striped pants.
  • Striped denim will be the major asset of your wardrobe for a casual and comfortable look.

For fans of vintage, we can only recommend striped corduroy. With stripes directly formed in the fabric, it is the essential piece of the retro look.

How to combine them with other pieces?

In order not to weigh down the outfit, it is essential to go with a plain top when wearing striped pants for women. We avoid patterns, large illustrations and even stripes on shirts, t-shirts or sweaters. On the other hand, you can absolutely wear the same stripes on pants and a jacket if they are sold as a set.

Likewise, we will prefer to opt for light and neutral accessories so as not to overload the outfit. Don't forget that striped pants already add a lot of character to an outfit on their own! Whether the pants are in bright or neutral colors, it is advisable to match them with similar shades to maintain harmony.

How to wear and match your striped pants

Style Tips for a Casual Look

To create a beautiful casual and comfortable look, you first need to choose the right type of striped pants. Prefer wide or straight-cut pants in cotton, denim or velvet for example, to play the 100% comfort card. As for the colors, the choice is yours! A colorful outfit will be more modern while a sober and monochrome outfit will create a beautiful casual chic ensemble. Of course, the white t-shirt is a casual outfit essential.

But you can also opt for a loose colored top, especially if the pants are more fitted. The denim shirt is also a great choice to achieve a cute casual outfit. Don't forget to wear flat shoes or sneakers for a complete casual look from head to toe. Scarf, handbag, sunglasses, ring or necklace, the accessories will be the essential final touch to complete your casual outfit.

How to wear striped pants for a professional look

Striped pants are the ideal ally for the chic and professional woman. It's hard not to come across this flagship item of clothing in offices and in meetings. Here, we will mainly opt for fine stripes in neutral colors such as black, gray, beige, brown, dark blue or even pale pink.

We will move more towards a straight and fitted cut to reinforce the slenderness of the legs. For the assortment, you will have to stick to classics like blouses or shirts. The jacket or blazer will reinforce the sophisticated aspect of an outfit. It is possible to have a striped jacket and pants set or simply wear a solid color blazer.

Heeled shoes like pumps are effective in maintaining the formality of an outfit while making it more feminine. If you prefer flat shoes, choose elegant shoes like beautiful moccasins with striped 7/8 pants. In terms of hairstyle and accessories, you will have to opt for structured lines to embellish this neat and professional ensemble.

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