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Women's tuxedo pants


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Women's tuxedo pants

These days, suit pants are no longer the prerogative of men. This iconic fashion piece is becoming more feminine and can now be worn at the office or in the evening. At Devernois, we design our tailored clothing using quality, durable materials. Cigarette, slim, straight or loose, women's tuxedo pants are available in many styles and models, with an elegant and timeless design.

Everything you need to know about women's tuxedo pants

Garment with a masculine design, tuxedo pants are becoming more popular and becoming a chic piece that all women want in their wardrobe. When and how did suit pants become accessible to women? What are the trendy tailored pants models? Would you like more details? Follow the leader.

The history of tuxedo pants revisited for women

The tuxedo takes its name from the “smoking room”, this place of relaxation formerly reserved for men . This chic outfit, consisting of straight suit pants, a jacket and a wide belt, was also worn during social evenings. It was customary for women to wear a long dress.

In the 1960s, the great fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent shook up dress codes by adapting the design of the traditional men's tuxedo to the feminine silhouette. The first women's pantsuit was thus born. This timeless costume has become, throughout the ages, a symbol of freedom.

The importance of the fabric used in making women's tuxedo pants

Wool canvas remains the most popular material for making tuxedo pants for men and women. This natural fiber is rarely used alone. You generally find it associated with silk or cotton. For a summer pantsuit, choose a wool and linen blend fabric. Synthetic materials are rather reserved for low-cost, industrially designed tailored pants.

The wide variety of tuxedo pants available for women

Solid black and midnight blue are the most common colors for tuxedo pants. These timeless colors ensure great elegance in all circumstances. However, it is not uncommon today to see women's tuxedo pants in bright colors or with patterns , with a much less classic style, but still just as chic.

When it comes to pantsuit cuts, you're spoiled for choice. It's up to you to select the tuxedo pants that best suit your figure and the occasion. Among the most popular models , you find:

  • straight women's tuxedo pants, a timeless classic;
  • slim suit pants, for an elegant and feminine look;
  • cigarette tuxedo pants, to highlight your figure;
  • wide suit pants, for a trendy and chic style.

The size guide for women's tuxedo pants

Are you hesitating between two sizes of women's tuxedo pants? Take a measuring tape. Pass the measuring tape at the thinnest part of your waist and take the measurement. Then measure your pelvis circumference at the fullest level of your hips. You can then refer to our size guide table .

36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
Chest circumference (cm) 86 90 94 98 102 106 110 116 122
Waist circumference (cm) 68 72 76 80 84 88 92 98 104
Hip circumference (cm) 92 96 100 104 108 112 116 122 128

This table is given for information purposes only . If you are between two sizes of suit pants, we advise you to choose the larger one. This size guide also applies to other clothing in our collection: skirts, dresses, t-shirts, blouses, knitwear, jackets, etc.

Our tips for caring for your women's tuxedo pants

You definitely don't wear tuxedo pants every day. However, when the desire arises to assert your style with your favorite suit pants, you want to find them like the first day. It is therefore essential to maintain it well and store it correctly so that it remains like new for a long time .

Cleaning and ironing a woman's tuxedo pants

Whether for a complete cleaning or a simple ironing, entrust your clothes to a professional. The safest and most effective method for maintaining your women's tuxedo pants is undoubtedly dry cleaning. Dry cleaning preserves wool or silk fibers. If you choose to machine wash your tuxedo pants, choose a cycle for delicate clothes (30°C maximum).

Unless there is a stain, quality tuxedo pants do not need to be washed after each wear. Spacing out the washes helps keep the fabric of your suit pants in perfect condition. The same goes for a tuxedo jacket or blazer. Between two cycles, you can brush your pants (and your blazer if you have a full suit).

If you have to iron your women's tuxedo pants yourself, be careful with the heat of the iron. Set it to the wool or silk position, with the steam on maximum so as not to mark the fabric. You can also use a steamer . Do the same with your tuxedo jacket if necessary.

Storing your women's suit pants

Do you own a complete tuxedo, jacket and pants? Avoid the metal hanger. Prefer a shaped hanger, lightly padded. Then place your suit pants and jacket set in a cotton cover to protect it from dust. To store women's tuxedo pants alone, use a specific hanger .

You have the choice between the clamp model and the horizontal bar model. With the first, your suit pants hang by the bottom of the legs . The weight of the belt and pockets thus tightens the fabric and prevents creases from forming. The second requires careful folding of your tuxedo pants, flat and superimposed front and back pleats.

Complete your wardrobe by purchasing straight pants or leather leggings from our women's collection. Do you prefer fitted knit pants? We offer a large selection of trendy Milano knit pants . Also discover our selection of dresses and skirts and our leather shoes for women.

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